Web Hosting Trends For 2015 – What To Look For

Searching for a web hosting company doesn’t have to be that difficult. You can usually find one that is affordable that can provide you with the bandwidth and the storage space that you need. The amount of money that you spend per month will depend upon the company that you find, but always remember that the cheapest web host is not always going to provide you with the best service. Once you are able to use a hosting company that can provide you with the service that you need, try to make sure that it is the best fit for your situation. Here are some tips on how to choose a web host in 2015 based upon the trends that are happening today.

Bandwidth Is A Must

Whenever you choose a web host to work with, the amount of bandwidth that you get should be unlimited. For instance, you will want to choose a company that offers you virtually 100% uptime, meaning that not only will you have plenty of bandwidth to handle all of the traffic, but you also have the ability to feel confident that your website will always be available online. Make sure that you are able to find a company that offers this type of guarantee, and they may cost a little bit more money. You simply need to make sure that you have a quality company that you’re working with that you can rely upon when it comes to providing bandwidth for your potential customers. download

Disk Storage Space

The amount of storage space that you get is also something that you need to think about as you may have many products that need to be displayed. If you don’t have enough space, you could run into a problem when it comes to displaying the items that you have for sale, so make sure that you are working with a competent company that can provide you with the best possible service and storage space.

Price Versus Options

The final thing to consider is whether or not the price that you are paying is going to be worth the type of service that you are getting. One of the trends of 2015 seems to be providing unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth, but you have to be careful about the type of service that you get. Most shared servers offer this, but if someone else that is sharing the same server is using an excessive amount of bandwidth, you could find your website taking up to five seconds or longer to load, which means your customers will go elsewhere. That’s why paying for a VPS or a dedicated server might be the better option for you, giving you control over how much disk space and bandwidth is actually used. Talk to the different hosting providers that you find, compare the prices and options that they have available, and choose a package that suits your business at this point in time. Just because the marketing trend right now for web hosting companies is to promote unlimited bandwidth does not mean that’s what you will get, so make sure that you read in between the fine print, so to speak, to find out what you really are paying for. Get a name cheap promo code to get discounts here.

the most important web hosting factors in 2015

In older days, if a company was interested in placing information online, it was a requirement to place the information online. They had to purchase their web hosting servers that stored all the data. It was there until the entrepreneurs purchased servers in order to rent out the space to the potential companies that were too busy and didn’t have an interest in doing their operations. The digital monopoly of entrepreneur’s over the internet is the main contributing factor for the coming up of the web hosting industry.

With the introduction of web hosting, businesses were given the chance to expand their revenue stream. Web hosting has been made accessible to the masses. Now web hosting service provides space for storing data, information and moreover, they provide information and supplies connectivity of the internet to its users.
In the past, the process of web hosting was extremely expensive business venture. Today, companies ranging from small to large can buy cheap space on a server and choose from a variety of web hosting features and functions. Web sites are significant tools for any business and likewise to web hosting.
World Wide Web, which is a secondary path where customers from all over the world can buy the product and engage with the brand. Presently, spaces on servers are widely available and due to improvement and troubleshooting; anyone can now set up and maintain servers on their own easily without paying a fortune.

The important factors to web hosting today in order to acquire new customers are as follows:

This aspect is the one in which most people look at in priority when choosing a web hosting provider. Price, should not be a deciding factor. Price is where the old maxims that we get what we pay for applies. The jumping on a cheapest offer does not necessarily a good idea especially if you rely on your website for making money. The features such as non-outsourced support and quality hardware are the ones that are costly, and in turn they are the one that will attract more customers to the site.

Customer reviews and satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important factor in case one is eying more customers to visit the website. This factor requires creativity. They should be easy to contact the support, the average time it takes to respond to ticket should be minimal and there should be faster respond in the case where one finds a problem with the site.

The website should be designed in such a way that it is eye catching to new customers who visit the website for a greater success. One great review of a hosting company like ASO can be found here:

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Room to grow your hosting site.

Future expansion is so important to consider when hosting a provider. Growth is whether it fits the plans. It means that what one consider enough hosting currently might become obsolete in two years time when you start selling things online. Every web-based enterprise should focus on growth in the instance where it need to attract more customers. In cases where a website has difficulty in accommodating the growth, it can pose an issue to the customers.


Hosting Options


Hosting a web site can be easy and fun – if you know how to do it. Choosing the right hosting option in this process is crucial. There are different hosting options out there, and they are all good – for certain kind of web site. Knowing what you need and why is crucial at this point as hosting plan depends on the type of site you are launching. Different options have different advantages and certain disadvantages, and you must know how to use it. This can save you a lot of money or make your web site that much better.

Render of a Central Document Server.Shared Website Hosting

This type of hosting is, perhaps, the most common. The reason for this is the fact that shared hosting is cheap and sometimes even free. Low cost is due to the fact that in this type of hosting there are multiple web sites on one server. The number of servers can range from a few to couple of thousands. This makes them cheap and if you don’t expect much web traffic – this is the best option for you. Shared server hosting provides good support and easy handling of files but lacks speed as the speed of access can be reduced if other sites on the server are experiencing heavy traffic. This can make your page load slower or even shut down at certain times.

Dedicated Website Hosting

Opposing to the shared hosting – there is dedicated hosting. In this instance – your web site is hosted on a server that is only yours. In this case you either own your own server or you are paying a private server to host your files. This option is great since it gives you total control over your files, since you are the only user on the server and your speed won’t be affected by other web traffic. If your business depends on speed and reliability this is the best option you can get. Downside to this method is that it is more expensive and hence not recommended for everyone.

Virtual Private Server Website Hosting

This may be considered the best of both world – a cross between shared and dedicated hosting. You get the benefits of shared hosting by using one server to host multiple sites so the price stays low. Virtual private server, often called VPS, uses one server for many web sites, but every site has their own range and reserved space, making sure that every site has enough broadband and prevents clutter and denial of service. With low prices and reliable connections, VPS are very popular and reasonable choice.

cloudCloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another hybrid – using multiple servers to host multiple sites. Sites hosted on these servers are reliable and connection is secure and reliable and the price is still pretty good. Cloud networks are on the rise lately, since they are still deemed as a new technology, but they are making their way in the industry and will probably be the leading force behind the hosting solutions for smaller websites.